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FINISH: Honed & Polished
MATERIAL: Natural Stone
COLLECTION: Grey Marbles

# Availability: Type: Nominal Size: Finish:
1 Stock Tile 2 1/2"x10 1/2" Satin
2 Stock Tile 6"x12"x3/8" Honed
3 Stock Tile 12"x12"x3/8" Satin
4 Stock Tile 12"x24"x1/2" Satin
5 Stock Tile 12"x24"x1/2" Polished
6 Stock Tile 12"x24"x1/2" Honed
7 Stock Tile 18"x18"x1/2" Honed
8 Stock Tile 24"x24"x5/8" Honed


  • Bathroom Vanities: Yes
  • Kitchen Countertops: Yes
  • Interior Floors: Yes
  • Interior Walls: Yes
  • Exterior: Yes
  • Wet Areas: Yes
  • Traffic: Residential

Important Information

Essex is a refined grey marble with mesmerizing white veining.

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